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Soccer Scoring Rules
Soccer Scoring Rules
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Do players have to be in the starting XI in order to be considered an active pick?

  • Yes, all players who are not in the starting lineup will be marked as void, even if they come into the game later as substitutes.

If a game is tied after regular time, what happens to my entry?

  • Your entry will continue, stats recorded in Extra-Time (Overtime) count towards your entry. Though, all stats recorded during a penalty shootout after Extra Time will not count to your entry.

What is an Assist?

  • An assist is awarded for a pass leading directly to a goal.

  • No assist is awarded when a player gains control from the defensive team and scores.

  • No assist is awarded on a penalty-kick goal.

  • A corner kick, throw-in or free kick leading to a goal each counts as a pass in awarding assists.

Deflected Shot vs. Own Goal

  • If the attacker's shot was on target and only had a negligible deflection off the defender, the attacker will still get credit. However, if the defender is attempting to clear the ball and it winds up crossing the goal line anyways, the defender will be credited with an own goal.

What’s the difference between “Shots” and “Shots on Goal”?

  • “Shots” refer to the total amount of shots taken by a player, regardless of whether or not it hits the target.

  • “Shots on Goal” refer to the total amount of shots taken by a player that hit the target, either forcing a save by the goalkeeper or resulting in a goal.

  • "Shots on Goal" do not include shots that strike the crossbar or post.

  • If a shot is deflected and saved by the Goalkeeper, the player who initially made the shot will be given the "Shot on Goal".

  • Any shot that would've gone into the net, but was stopped by a defender who is last man will be credited as a "Shot on Goal".

  • Any intentional played ball from a wide position intending to reach a team mate in a specific area in front of the goal, also known as a "Cross" will not be marked as a shot.

Do penalties and free kicks count towards Shots and Shots on Goal?

  • If the set piece occurs in Regular time, yes they do.

  • If there is a Penalty shootout or the penalty occurs in Extra Time, the shots and saves will not be recorded.

Do own-goals count towards Shots and Shots on Goal?

  • In the instance where an attacking player shoots the ball on target but is deflected into the net resulting in a goal, the attacking player will still be credited for a Shot and Shot on Goal.

  • The player that scores the own goal will not be credited for a Shot or Shot on Goal.

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