NFL Scoring Rules

How is the scoring calculated for football?

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Common Football Scoring FAQs:

  • The Anytime TD stat does not include passing touchdowns. This statistic specifically refers to a player being the actual touchdown scorer. This means the player that carries the ball into the end zone, catches the ball in the end zone, or in any way possesses the ball in the end zone. Essentially, it includes any type of touchdown other than passing.

  • The First TD Scorer stat references the first player to score a TD for the game, not for their respective team. Each game can only have one First TD Scorer, since there can only be one first touchdown of any football game.

  • Sacks are scored based on the official scoring of the players. A solo sack is scored 1.0, but a player can receive a partial sack (0.5) if multiple players are credited with the sack.

  • We have three (3) separate stat categories relating to defensive tackles -- "Tackles", "Assists", and "Tackles + Assists":

    • Tackles = solo tackles only

    • Assists = assisted tackles only

    • Tackles + Assists = total tackles, or sometimes referred to as combined tackles.

  • Rush Attempts: Rush Attempts is the number of times a player carried the ball on a running play. Zero attempts will result in the under, unless the player does not play a single offensive snap. A catch or reception does not qualify. Any play where the QB throws the ball laterally (not a forward pass), or behind himself qualifies as a rushing attempt for the receiving player if the official statistics are in agreement. In accordance with the NFL official scoring rules, kneel downs count as rush attempts, but sacks do not count. .

  • REC Targets: The total number of times the ball is thrown towards the receiver. The receiver is not required to catch the ball. At times multiple receivers will be in the same area; those discretionary scoring rulings are made by the NFL official scoring and this stat will be in the official boxscore.

  • Extra Points Made: The total number of PATs successfully converted for a kicker. Any 2 point conversion attempt is excluded.

  • Field Goals Made: The total number of FGs successfully converted for a kicker. Any extra point attempt is excluded. If no Field Goals are attempted, it will be scored an under.

  • Kicking Points are the total amount of points scored by the kicker. Extra Points = 1pt and Field Goals = 3pts. For example, 2 field goals and 2 extra points = 8 kicking points

  • If a game is canceled, postponed, or not started by 2:59 AM EST that night the pick can be cancelled and the entry could be reverted.

  • Games are “known” to be canceled or postponed once their status is updated as such by Chalkboard’s Football stats-provider.

Does a two point conversation count as part of the drive?

No. Any untimed down such as: two point conversations, extra points and kickoffs do not count as part of the drive for in-play entries.

I watched the QB throw for a TD, why does it not count as an anytime TD?

Only the ball carrier receives credit for a TD, not the player who throws the ball.

Cumulative projections: Any projection joined by the plus (+) symbol means that that pick is a combination of those stats. 'Rushing yards + Receiving yards' for example is the combination of both stats.

Note: Any stats, yards, or touchdowns accrued on special teams will not count towards any pick'em selection.

Correlation Rules

The following stat combinations are not able to be submitted on Chalkboard Picks:

  • Pass TD PLUS Teammate with any of the following: Anytime TD, Receiving TD, First TD or Last TD

  • Kicking Points or Extra Points Made PLUS Teammate with any of the following: Anytime TD, Pass TD, Rush TD, Receiving TD, First TD, or Last TD

  • Pass Yards , Pass Comp, Pass Attempts, Pass + Rush Yards or Long Comp PLUS Teammate with any of the following: Receptions, Receiving Yards, Rush + Receiving Yards, or Long Rec

  • Pass INT PLUS Opponent Defensive INT

  • First TD PLUS Teammate or Opponent First TD

  • Last TD PLUS Teammate or Opponent Last TD

  • Rush Attempts with OPPOSING TEAM Rush Attempts or Pass Attempts

  • Rush Attempts with SAME TEAM Extra Points Made

  • Rush Attempts combined with SAME TEAM Pass Attempts

  • Rush Attempts combined with OPPOSING TEAM tackles, assists, or tackles + assist

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