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How do I place an entry?

Pick between 2 and 8 player projections from the lobby, select HIGHER or LOWER for each projected stat total, decide on an entry amount, then click submit.

Can I pick any players?

For the most part, you can select any combination of players in your entry, regardless

of the sport. However, there are some key exceptions:

  • All Sports and Entries

    • You must have picks from AT LEAST 2 different teams in order for it to be a valid entry.

    • You can not have the same player in your entry more than once.

Most sports also have specific rules regarding stats that can or cannot be combined together. Those can be listed in detail in our sport-specific scoring rules articles. A few examples are listed below:

  • Football (NFL + NCAAF) Selections

    • You can not combine a quarterback’s passing yards projection with the receiving yards projection of a WR, TE or RB on the same team.

  • Baseball (MLB) Selections

    • You can not combine a pitcher’s stat projection with any stat projection of a hitter on the opposing team.

    • You can not combine Runs+RBI selections from players on the same team.

  • Hockey (NHL) Selections

    • You can not combine a goalie’s saves projection with a shots on goal projection of any skater on the opposing team.

How much money can I put on a single entry?

Unless there is a special promotion that specifies otherwise, the minimum entry

amount is always $1.

The maximum entry amount, called a limit, varies person-by-person, and can be

different depending on the sport or stat-type. Limits can change at any time at

Chalkboard’s sole discretion. The maximum entry amount can also vary depending on special promotions.

The current max payout on a single entry is $5,000 (subject to change).

Can I edit or cancel an entry after it is submitted?

While you can not edit entries after they are submitted, you can cancel most entries

within 5 minutes of submitting it. To cancel your entry, click the three dots next to

your entry and click “Cancel Entry”.

Can all entries be canceled within 5 minutes?

No. Entries where one or more picks have already started can not be cancelled.

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