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How To Create a Board
How To Create a Board

Understanding the Board Creation Process

Updated over a week ago

Step 1: Go to the chat tab & then click the + icon in the upper left corner

Step 2: Decide whether you want your Board to be public or private. Public boards are searchable via the "Explore Boards" page, while Private Boards are only accessible via invite link.

Step 3: Choose a name, icon and cover photo. (If you are unsure about any of these, you can always edit them in your Board Settings afterwards!)

Step 4: Set up your channels, links, and notification settings. Channels can be set up as chat, read-only, or private. Chat channels allow everyone to send messages, while read-only channels are only for admins to send messages into. Private access channels can be created by the admin & only members that he grants permission to can join. (Private channels can be chat or read-only).

Step 5: Start inviting friends! The invite link at the top of your Board will automatically redirect people directly to your Board upon downloading Chalkboard for the first time!

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