Depositing Funds

An overview on all Chalkboard Wallet deposit rules and processes.

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Chalkboard has certain rules in place on when and how users can deposit and withdraw funds from their Wallet. Chalkboard expressly prohibits any individual from having more than ONE (1) Wallet. Please note that Chalkboard's real-money games are only available to play in select U.S. states.

Rules & Restrictions

A user must successfully complete an identity verification check in order to add funds to their Chalkboard Wallet and play daily fantasy. You must also be located in an eligible U.S. state, Canadian province or territory, or the District of Columbia to complete a deposit.

  • Deposits must be made from a U.S. (or Canadian) bank account, Visa card, or Discover card held in the name of the verified user.

  • A user may not deposit more than $1,000 in a 24-hour period. Users located in Massachusetts may not deposit more than $1,000 in a calendar month.

  • A user may not deposit while their wallet balance is greater than $10,000.

Your Chalkboard Wallet will be instantly credited upon submission of a successful pending transaction, however Chalkboard reserves the right to remove credits in the event that funds do not ultimately clear. Please note that failed or declined charges may temporarily appear as pending transactions with your financial institution, but will not ultimately post to the account. The time required for a deposit transaction to clear ranges from 1 - 3 business days depending on the account provider and type of transaction.

Initial Deposit For New Players

Before a user can make their first deposit, they must first verify their identity. Click or tap the button below to learn more about our verification process.

​Start a New Deposit

Once you've been verified, you can start depositing funds by simply tapping the "Add Funds" icon located in the top right corner of the DFS Picks tab.

You can also begin a new deposit from your Chalkboard Wallet. To enter your wallet, tap on your balance in the top right corner of the Picks tab, or tap the "Wallet" button on your Profile tab. Once on the Wallet page, tap the blue "Deposit" button located beneath your balance to begin adding funds. (See below)

Completing Your Deposit

Once you've selected your desired deposit amount and tapped the "Deposit" button on the Add Funds page, you will be directed to a secure page hosted by Chalkboard's payment processor, where you will enter your credit/debit card or online banking information.
Fill in any required fields and follow the steps as prompted to complete your transaction. As stated above, once you successfully complete this process, your Chalkboard Wallet will instantly be credited, however funds may not fully clear with your financial institution for up to 3 business days.

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