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How to create an entry?
How to create an entry?
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Once you are properly signed up, follow these steps to submit an entry:

  • Pick between 2-and-8 player squares.

    • You can pick from a wide variety of sports and stat-types, and even mix and match different sports in one entry! If you already know a player you want to pick, you can type their name in the search bar. However, you can also browse through our “lobby” of player squares, separated by league and stat.

    • All DFS contests have a predetermined payout multiplier of your entry fee based on the statistical player predictions made. Your payout multiplier will increase as you add predictions to your contest. Each prediction has a multiplier attached to it, the larger a prediction's multiplier, the more it will increase your contest payout multiplier.

    • Please note: All entries must include active picks from at least two different teams. All entries also require 2+ active picks to grade as Win or Loss. Additionally, you may only use the same player once per entry. Max payout for an entry is $1000 and the max multiplier value is 50x.

  • Choose HIGHER or LOWER on each player square you select.

    • For example, if you choose LeBron James 25.5 points from the lobby & think he will have 26 points or more in that particular game, then choose the ⬆️ arrow button to select HIGHER.

  • Choose your entry amount.

    • The minimum entry size is $1.

    • Once your entry amount is entered, you'll be able to see how much your entry would payout.

  • Submit your entry and follow along to see your progress in real-time!

    • All of your Pending Entries can be found in the "Open" tab where the stat progress bar will move in real-time as the game is being played.

      • You can click on a selection in this tab to immediately be taken to that specific matchup's live game hub to follow the play-by-play.

    • Once all of your selections have completed their games, you will find your Entry in the "Cleared" tab showing it as either a win or loss.

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