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Dynamic Payout Structure

Updated over a week ago

Dynamic Payouts

Chalkboard Picks has a dynamic payout structure! Each player projection now has a multiplier attached to it. The higher a projection's multiplier, the more it will boost your contest's payout. Contest payout multipliers are not pre-set based solely on the number of legs in your contest. Note that the max contest multiplier is currently 50x and the max payout for a single entry is $5,000 ($1,000 for alternate lines).

In Chalkboard Picks contests, you must get ALL of your statistical player predictions correct in order to win a payout.

If a selection is marked as void, it will in effect be “removed” from your entry, and the entry will be graded as if the voided selection were never included. Thus, if all remaining selections in the entry win, your payout will be based on the combination of only those remaining player’s multipliers, and will not include multipliers from any voided selection(s). It is important to note that for an entry to be valid, it must contain (1) at least two player selections, and (2) player selections from at least two different teams. Therefore, if any selections in an entry are voided and the remaining active ones do not meet both of those requirements, then the entire entry will be voided regardless of the outcome of any remaining selections.

Note: that all payouts for winning contests include your contest entry fee.

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