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Chalkboard Picks DFS Rules
Chalkboard Picks DFS Rules

DFS Contest Rules

Updated over a week ago
  1. Contest entries may not include multiple predictions (or “picks”) related to the same player.

  2. Statistical totals include statistics accumulated in overtime or extra innings, when applicable.

  3. Any contest pick outcome which ties its projection (often known as a "push") or involves a player who does not play (DNP) will have that specific pick within the contest entry voided. If a selection is marked as void, it will in effect be “removed” from your entry, and the entry will be graded as if the voided selection were never included. Thus, if all remaining selections in the entry win, your payout will be based on the combination of only those remaining player’s multipliers, and will not include multipliers from any voided selection(s). It is important to note that for an entry to be valid, it must contain (1) at least two player selections, and (2) player selections from at least two different teams. Therefore, if any selections in an entry are voided and the remaining active ones do not meet both of those requirements, then the entire entry will be voided regardless of the outcome of any remaining selections.

    • A player is considered DNP if they have zero snaps in football or 0:00 minutes played in basketball.

    • In baseball, a batter must be in the starting lineup and get a plate appearance and a pitcher must start (i.e. throw the first pitch for his team), otherwise that batter or pitcher will be considered DNP. Any MLB picks related to a player who comes into a game as a pinch hitter or relief pitcher will be voided.

    • In hockey, a goalie must start and a skater must be on the ice for >0:00 minutes, otherwise they will be considered a DNP.

  4. "Q. Does Chalkboard VOID hurt players"?

    1. Chalkboard will VOID any DNP and any injury that occurs in the first half of NFL or NBA games, that forces the players to not return in the second half. For a more in depth look at our VOID policy, check out the article:

  5. Picks related to football, basketball, or hockey games that are cancelled, postponed, or abandoned mid-game will have any specific player projections affected by such respective games within their contest entries voided.

    • Picks related to baseball games that are played and completed on the originally scheduled date will be graded as normal, even if the game start time is delayed or the game is suspended and restarted mid-game. Picks related to baseball games not started on the originally scheduled date will be voided. If a game that has started is suspended, due to a rain delay or other deferral, and resumes within 36 hours of the originally scheduled start time (local time), then all wagers will stand. If a game starts, is then suspended, and resumes more than 36 hours after the originally scheduled start time (local time), all existing wagers will be void unless they have been determined prior to the game’s suspension.

    • Picks voided due to cancelled, postponed, or abandoned games will follow the same grading logic as DNP picks, outlined above. Similar to any player projections involving a player who does not play (DNP), all contests must include at least one player from multiple teams; accordingly, if a contest entry only has eligible players from one team due to a voided pick(s) because of a cancelled, postponed, or abandoned game, the entire contest entry will be canceled and refunded.

    • In the event of a shortened game where the game results are official and final, all contest picks will be graded as normal, based on player statistics accumulated in the shortened game.

  6. Upon the conclusion of a game, the updated results of your contest entry may take 15 - 60 minutes to be reflected.

  7. On occasion, official scorers may issue a stat-correction after games have been completed and validated. These corrections are rare and may occur days after a game is played. Therefore, any changes to official scoring after a game has been validated and graded will not impact the result of a finalized contest entry.

  8. Post-game adjustments to fix any statistical errors or irregularities may be made, and in such instances, Chalkboard reserves the right to reverse and resettle contest results.

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