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How to play Chalkboard Picks!

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Chalkboard is a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) operator, and our contests are considered a game of skill.

You begin by selecting two to eight statistical player projections, comprised of at least two players from multiple teams. You must then predict whether each selected player will gain more or less than various projected performance metrics in the game.

All DFS contests have a predetermined payout multiplier of your entry fee based on the statistical player predictions made. Your payout multiplier will increase as you add predictions to your contest. Each prediction has a multiplier attached to it, the larger a prediction's multiplier, the more it will increase your contest payout multiplier. The maximum payout for a Chalkboard Picks contest is 100x your entry fee or $5000. (Subject to change)

Do you have to get every pick right on Chalkboard?

That is up to the player! In Shield Play, players will be able to miss up to three picks and still receive a payout. For Max Entry contests, you must get ALL of your statistical player predictions correct in order to win a payout. Note that all payouts for winning contests include your contest entry fee.

To get started with Chalkboard Picks, a Chalkboard account must first be registered by providing a verified mobile phone number. Next, a user must set up their Chalkboard Wallet and deposit funds, from which they can then use that balance to begin participating in the DFS game. Once you're ready, just follow the steps below to start playing:

  1. Register For An Account. When you first register for an account, you’ll be asked to provide your name, date of birth, legal address, and a password. We require personal identifying information such as your address and date of birth to ensure that you meet state mandated age and location requirements governing daily fantasy sports.

  2. Verify Your Identity. Our verification tools allow us to confirm and authenticate your identity, comply with applicable laws, and safeguard Chalkboard and its players from fraud and bad actors so that we can continuously offer our world-class single-player DFS game in the safest environment possible. Once you correctly enter the requested information and have submitted valid legal identification you will be ready to fund your account and start playing Chalkboard Picks!

  3. Complete Your Deposit. Once you pass through the verification process, you’ll be able to complete your initial deposit by connecting your bank account for a successful transfer of funds. (The use of credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal & Apple Pay, is coming soon!)

  4. Pick between 2-and-8 player projections. You can pick from a wide variety of sports and stat-types, and even mix and match different sports in one entry!

  5. Pick higher or lower on each player projection you select.

  6. Choose your entry amount. The minimum entry size is $1. Once your entry amount is entered, you'll be able to see how much your entry would payout.

  7. Submit your entry and follow along in the Open Tab to see your progress in real-time! (Don't forgot Chalkboard also has live game hubs to follow a specific game in real-time!)

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